John's stylized forms are organic yet architectural. Roper has challenged his creativity by refusing to lapse into a mundane style. With each twist and turn of material, Roper creates an emotion in steel which is predetermined , precise and aesthetically pleasing to view.
Laura Kaufman, The Art Resource

In watching Roper develop a sculptural design, visitors to the studio or clients observing their commissioning process are amazed by the armatures, tiny "networks" Roper creates in steel, giving form and strength to each design. Each rod just 1-5 inches in length, & 1/8th inch in diameter is welded in a pattern that becomes the internal structure for a new Roper composition. Never again to be seen, as the sculpture materializes, these networks are intriguing, technically challenging and strikingly organized. Just as the completed sculpture itself.
Sardi Snyder, JRSS Art Resources Inc.

John Roper sculpture is poetry in three dimensional geometry. Swirling spirals, curving arcs and undulating geometric shapes create life and movement in bronze, stainless steel, black iron, & cor-ten steel. His technical prowess is evident in the flawless execution of his welding and forging abilities. Refinement and resolution give the sculpture a presence and permanence that result in Roper's attainment of sculptural beauty.
Bruce Busko, Landing Galllery

John Roper uses bronze, stainless steel and black iron with copper rods as materials for his creations. Much of his work demonstrates a mastery of physics as the weight of the sculpture rests on a single element of design. Almost defying gravity.
One example of John's technical expertise is shown in his stylized design of horses in motion. Three galloping horses created in black iron suspended in the air look weightless and stand on their base by a single weld between the horse's hoof and the sculptural base.
Roper creates in steel the most elegant and emotional forms in sculpture this gallery has represented.
Carter Christian Brydon, Professional Impressions