man and the earth - a trilogy


is it the hand of man throwing the earth into
the inferno ?
is it the hand of man's creator catching the
earth to save man from himself ?
shall man dictate the outcome of his existence,
or is someone else setting up a timetable for
him to follow ?
when we all come to pass; what shall come to
pass. utopia or oblivion.....
her blood is thick and black.
her hair silver blue until her children tinted
it grey.
a hundred million years spinning her caccoon,
making herself ready.
ready for the children that would strip her
naked, plunder her body and rape her.
now though she nears exhaustion, still
appear the hands. billions of hands,
milking mother earth......

here i am scratching at the heart of man.
my claws grow stronger every day.
all to fall beneath my claw as i turn on my
the child of man feeding on his children.
only when man is over will my task be
complete, unless i grow so that my wings
spread to the stars.
or am i from the stars ?
i have no memory, only the now and the
knowledge of killing.
while the people are turned into chemical
clowns and the automobiles chase each
other around.
an invisible poison has covered the ground.
man has given me life.
he made sure i can fly, swim and cover all
the earth.
he has given me life and in my life he will
find only death.
i am, i am war......